Student Defense

Are you a student at Appalachian State University who was recently arrested for an alleged criminal offense? Exercise your right to remain silent until you are able to contact Harmon Law.

Experienced Boone student defense attorney, Jason Harmon, can help you protect your future and rights by presenting a comprehensive case against alleged criminal charges.


Every year, thousands of students enrolled in North Carolina colleges and universities around Boone. While students are looking forward to their bright futures, the college experience sometimes can have distractions resulting in criminal behavior.

Mistakes or misunderstandings can derail an academic career impacting the student’s ability to remain in school. Colleges and universities may suspend or expel a student for their criminal behavior. The outcome of a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge is critical to determining the student’s future in the job market and education. 


Students in North Carolina can be arrested for federal, state, and local laws. Common college crimes often involve unlawful activity involving drugs or alcohol. Some of the more common criminal charges that students face in Watauga County include, but are not limited to:


In many student arrests, criminal charges require court appearances. Most college students will also have to resolve disciplinary issues for allegedly violating their school’s code of student conduct.

Although not all crimes in North Carolina violate codes of conduct, acts that lead to an arrest may be reported to student organizations, especially if allegations took place on campus.

Never talk to university officials without having an advocate on your side, the results can be devastating. Students may consider using a criminal defense lawyer to aid during disciplinary hearings.

Academic institutions reserve the right to carry out discipline that may include suspension, expulsion, or a notice on your permanent academic record. These methods can have a negative impact on a student’s academic and professional career if not handled properly.


If you are a North Carolina student in Boone who has recently been arrested for an alleged criminal offense, you need to retain experienced legal counsel as quickly as possible. Harmon Law represents students across Watauga County including Boone & Appalachian State University.

Jason Harmon is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Boone who works to achieve favorable outcomes for student cases with the fewest possible consequences. Harmon Law has experience navigating through the institution’s student conduct process.

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