Extending Representation in the High Country

Harmon Law is extending representation on traffic violations to the following counties:

Avery, Wilkes, Caldwell

If not handled properly, traffic tickets can become much more expensive than the printed cost on the citation.

Insurance companies are usually looking for any reason to increase your rates and the DMV will revoke your license for many different minor traffic tickets if you plead guilty or just pay it off.

Lawyer fees for speeding tickets start at $150 and usually eliminate the need to take a day off work and wait around in court all day. Different rates may be quoted depending on your speed, your prior driving history, and what type of charge you were cited with. Every court case is unique, and every client has a unique experience. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation to determine what options you may have in protecting your license and keeping your insurance costs low.

Sometimes a PJC is the best option, but sometimes it is not. Harmon Law will order an updated copy of your driving record and review your driving history to effectuate the best outcome for your situation. We know when to use a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) to protect your privilege and insurance rates. There are two point scales that impact your ability to drive. One is the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) point scale, and the other is the insurance point scale. If you accumulate too many DMV points, this can lead to a suspension of your driving privilege. You are entitled to two PJC’s every five years to manage your DMV points. If you receive insurance points, your premiums could go up $200 for every point you accumulate. You are entitled to one PJC every three years to protect your insurance points.

Don’t take your traffic ticket lightly. Harmon Law has the experience and ability to get you the reduction you need to prevent a possible suspension or an increase on your insurance premiums. In most cases, you won’t ever need to appear in court.


Passing a stopped school bus5
Aggressive driving5
Reckless driving4
Hit and run, property damage only4
Following too closely4
Driving on wrong side of road4
Illegal passing4
Failure to yield right of way to pedestrian4
Running stop sign3
Speeding in excess of 55 miles per hour3
Failure to yield right of way3
Running a red light3
No drivers license or license expired more than one year3
Failure to stop for siren3
Driving through safety zone3
No liability insurance3
Failure to properly restrain a child in a restraint or seat belt2
All other moving violations2

Motion for Appropriate Relief

Have you missed a court date for a traffic ticket? Have you paid a ticket that has now caused your license to be revoked? If so, there are ways to re-open your case, change the outcome, and fix whatever problems you have encountered.